Principles of the Firm

Our firm will adhere to the following principles in serving our clients:

bullet preserving the highest level of professional ethics;

bullet making full use of our knowledge and experience gained through many years of high level legal practice;

bullet staying abreast of important legal developments so as to be
on the “cutting edge” in the areas of law covered by our
legal services; and

bullet earning the trust and confidence of our clients by providing
dedicated service.

Guidelines in Practice

In rendering our legal services, we will be guided by the following concepts:

bullet putting a high priority on preventing disputes by taking effective measures to protect and secure our clients’ interest in advance;

bullet timely and effectively solving disputes which may arise;

bullet solving issues from broad and comprehensive aspects such as business considerations; and

bullet keeping our clients’ objectives always in mind and devoting our best efforts to achieve those results.

By rendering its legal services pursuant to the foregoing principles and guidelines, our firm will strive to protect and secure the lawful interests of our clients while advancing the development of law and promotion of justice in our society.